Workshop Cluster 1: "Enabling Effective Business-IT Relationships"

Often, the relationship between business and IT within or between firms is suffering, which leads to unnecessary inefficiencies. This session presents results from different research projects that focus on the relationship between business and IT within banks or between banks and their IT providers. Survey data and case study results allow for an interesting analysis of how relationships between both sides can be improved and how an effective relationship management can be established.

Dipl.-Wirtsch.Inf. Frank Schlosser,
What Makes Successful Banks Successful? The Key Role of Business/IT Alignment in Financial Process Performance

Since several years it is argued that good alignment between business and IT strategies is crucial for the performance of highly IT reliant processes. Based on two surveys among the largest 1,000 German and the largest 1,500 US banks we investigate the most important factors which influence the performance of financial processes. Our results show that business/IT alignment plays a key role in this context, but should not only be viewed on a strategic level. The bank-internal relationship between business units and IT unit strongly depends on the so called “operational business/IT alignment”. We discuss those aspects of operational alignment which are particularly relevant and present factors that help to improve operational alignment.

Dr. Daniel Beimborn,
Relationship Management as Success Factor for Outsourcing – Empirical Results from the German Financial Industry

How can we successfully achieve and maintain a good relationship with our IT providers? Beside contractual governance and establishing monitoring mechanisms, the relationship management has found to be highly important for a successful partnership. The talk discusses which aspects of a bank-provider relationship are how important and how they can be measured and shaped. We explore critical success factors and derive managerial recommendations from an up-to-date survey with the largest 1000 banks in Germany and from a case study series with 20 large financial service and IT providers.

Dipl.-Wirtsch.Inf. Robert Gregory,
Interplay of Cultural Intelligence and Project Management in IT Offshoring

Prior research on the management of IS offshoring projects has focused either on cross-cultural management or on project management in general. However, we are not aware of any study that focuses on the interplay of these elements in an IS offshoring context. Therefore, our goal is to discover the influence of formal and informal offshore-specific project management techniques on cultural intelligence and vice versa and their joint impact on business relations under uncertainty and risk due to cultural distance in IS offshoring projects. As research on this specific interplay is scarce, we chose an exploratory in-depth single-case study design as research methodology. Our findings suggest that cultural intelligence – an individual’s ability for cross-cultural adaptation – and offshore-specific project management techniques (e.g., replay sessions) interact with each other in a reinforcing virtuous cycle and have to be given equal emphasis for reducing the risks in IS offshoring projects due to cultural distance between client and vendor.