EFL Spring Conference 2011:
Financial System Stability – Can IT Infrastructure Contribute to a Solution?


February 22nd, 2011

Location: Casino, Campus Westend of Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
Address: Grüneburgplatz 1, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Financial system stability is closely related to IT applications in financial institutions and the underlying IT infrastructure (like communication and database systems), for instance on the realm of transactional systems. The IT and communication sphere has certainly contributed to the fast proliferation of the financial crises, but without appropriately using advanced IT applications, the sustained recovery of the stability of the financial system will not be feasible (one cannot imagine that, for example, new regulations will be executable without strengthening the transactional systems).

One important background of our conference is that regulators and market participants - on the operative level - still lack a macro perspective that is crucial to estimate systemic risks as precondition to provide the ability to assess global financial system stability. In this context, regulatory agencies as well as market participants depend on real-time information about the market players, products, and transactions. International information exchange for sure is not only a question of IT and communication. But again, without appropriate technical support, no schema to improve the transparency will work. Looking at the IT infrastructure, strategy options include rigging of running applications as well as the employment of innovative technology (e. g. cloud computing).

The EFL Spring Conference 2011 will focus on these challenges based on presentations and panel discussions structured as follows:

Preliminary Agenda

Financial System Stability - Can IT Infrastructure Contribute to a Solution?





Opening Remarks


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König, Chair, E-Finance Lab, Goethe University Frankfurt


Financial Stability, Systemic Risk, and Regulation


Prof. Franklin Allen, Department of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


Cloud-Based Real-Time Processing of Security Master Data


Carsten Dirks, CEO, Interactive Data Managed Solutions


Real-time Financial Securities Risk Management


Dr. Valerie Bannert-Thurner, Executive Director, European Operations, FTEN


Coffee Break


Drivers and Consequences of Grid Assimilation in the Risk Management Process


Prof. Dr. Roman Beck, Research Associate, E-Finance Lab, Goethe University Frankfurt


First Experiences with the Frankfurt Cloud


Rolf Riemenschnitter, CTO, Deutsche Bank

Prof. Dr. Clemens Jochum, Goethe University Frankfurt


Coffee Break


Financial System Stability - Can IT Infrastructure Contribute to a Solution? (Panel Discussion)

Moderated by:

Markus Heer, Managing Director, WM Data Service


Hans-Jürgen Walter, Global Business Services, Industry Leader Financial Services, IBM

Dr. Marcel Fratzscher, Head of International Policy Analysis Division, European Central Bank

Dr. Udo Milkau, Director, DZ Bank

Hubertus Gottschalk, Head of Corporate Security, Deutsche Telekom

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König, Chair, E-Finance Lab, Goethe University Frankfurt


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