Digitization and Risk in Finance and Economics


The actual mega-trend digitization opens opportunities to better integrate actors and financial relations in multi-layered networks – enabling, in the end, some kind of “straight-through processing”, also including real-world productions and assets which are closely related to the finance realm, promising advanced capabilities to evaluate flows in networks (e. g. systemic risks) for both public stakeholders (e. g. regulation authorities) as well as private companies and organisations.


Short introduction to the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)
(Stephan Wolf, CEO, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation, Basle/Frankfurt)

Standardized algorithmic representation of financial contracts: concept, application and new developments of ACTUS
(Jefferson Braswell, Tahoe Blue, Lake Tahoe)
(Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Breymann, Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

Measuring finance and the economy in the digital age – vision, architecture, infrastructure
(Francis Gross, European Central Bank, Frankfurt)  


The event is jointly organized by the E-Finance Lab and the Research Center SAFE.