EFL jours fixes - 2010

Jour Fixes always start at 5:00 p.m., in the "Deutsche Bank" lecture room of the House of Finance (Campus Westend).

December 6

Consequences of Organizational Mindfulness in IT Innovation Assimilation Processes - Results from the Financial Services Industry

[Martin Wolf, E-Finance Lab]

November 1

An Analysis of International Bank Profitability, Dynamics and Its Persistence: A Focus on Germany

[Steffen Meyer, E-Finance Lab]

October 4

Corporate Cost of Borrowing: TRACE on Syndicated Loans

[Markus Fischer, E-Finance Lab]

September 6

IP Telephony within the Financial Industry

[Korbinian Humm, Deutsche Bank]

July 5

Asymmetric Network Effects in Two-Sided Markets: Measuring the Value of the Customer Base

[Oliver Hinz, E-Finance Lab]

June 7

Assessing Project Effort from Requirements

[Frank Zickert, E-Finance Lab]

May 3

New Investor Activists as Corporate Monitors

[Taro Niggemann, E-Finance Lab]

March 1

Referral Programs and Customer Value

[Philipp Schmitt, E-Finance Lab]

February 1

Measuring the Economic Value of Agency Broker Dark Pools - The exemplary Case of Liquidnet

[Bartholomäus Ende, E-Finance Lab]

January 11

Green Computing through Grid Technology - Empirical Results from the Financial Services Industry

[Jens Vykoukal, E-Finance Lab]