EFL jours fixes - 2013

Jour Fixes always start at 5:00 p.m., in the "Deutsche Bank" lecture room of the House of Finance (Campus Westend).

January 7

Profit Maximizing Contract Lengths for Cloud Computing Services

[Siham El Kihal, E-Finance Lab]

February 4

Service Provisioning in Cloud Computing

[Melanie Siebenhaar, E-Finance Lab]

May 6

Resource-Based View on Green IS Enabled Business Process Design

[Stanislav Kreuzer, E-Finance Lab]

June 3

The Dark Side of ETFs and Index Funds

[Steffen Meyer, E-Finance Lab]

July 1

Securities Transaction Tax and Market Quality – The Case of France

[Kai Zimmermann , E-Finance Lab]

October 7

Improving Sensing Capabilities of a Firm by Measuring Corporate Reputation

[Janek Benthaus, E-Finance Lab]

November 5

Determinants of Prices for Display Advertising paid by the Financial Industry

[Marc Heise, E-Finance Lab]

December 2

Optimized Cloud Data Center Selection for QoS-Aware Service Provision

[Ronny Hans, E-Finance Lab]