EFL jours fixes - 2015

Jour Fixes always start at 5:00 p.m., in the "Deutsche Bank" lecture room of the House of Finance (Campus Westend).

January 12

Did crowdfunding crowd out credit in the crisis? Evidence from a supply side shock

[Daniel Blaseg, E-Finance Lab]

February 2

Heuristic Approaches for Cost-Efficient Cloud Data Center Selection

[Ronny Hans, E-Finance Lab]

May 4

Reunited after all? Consumer Debt Differences between East and West

[Philipp Blommel, E-Finance Lab]

June 8

Cryptocurrencies – Usage and User Intentions

[Martin Haferkorn, E-Finance Lab]

July 6

A New Approach to Measure a Firms’ Profit-at-Risk From Losing Visibility in Organic Search Results

[Prof. Dr. Skiera, E-Finance Lab]

October 5

The Awareness Concept in Information Systems Research

[Lennart Jäger, E-Finance Lab]

October 26

Performance Control of Cloud-based Services

[Melanie Holloway, E-Finance Lab]

December 7

Do Local Experiences Affect Investor Portfolios?

[Christine Kaufmann, E-Finance Lab]