EFL jours fixes - 2016

Jours Fixes always start at 5:00 p.m., in the "Deutsche Bank" lecture room of the House of Finance (Campus Westend).

January 11

How is digitization changing Bank’s requirements for analytics and what are the upcoming trends?

[Michael Ehrmantraut, IBM]

February 1

High-Frequency Trading and Orderbook Resiliency

[Benjamin Clapham, E-Finance Lab]

May 2

Deviant Cloud Usage in Organizations – A Matter of Personal Innovativeness?

[Friedrich Born, E-Finance Lab]

June 6

Digital Attention Maps: Unveiling Competition for Digital Attention using Online Search

[Elham Maleki, E-Finance Lab]

July 4

IBM Blockchain - Making Blockchain real for business

[Jürgen Lang, IBM]

October 10

Adherence to household's financial planning - Do financial planning tools help those who need it the most?

[Gregor Becker, E-Finance Lab]

November 7

New Aspects of Crowdfunding Success

[Jascha-Alexander Koch, E-Finance Lab]

December 5

Impacts of IT climate in knowledge-intense organizations

[Nico Wunderlich, E-Finance Lab]