Nico Wunderlich

5th of December 2016

Jours fixes take place on the second monday of the month, starting at 5:00 p.m., in   HoF E.01 / Deutsche Bank  of the House of Finance (Campus Westend).

[Nico Wunderlich, E-Finance Lab]

Impacts of IT climate in knowledge-intense organizations

Information systems (IS) have become essential for operating firms successfully. Knowledge and IT-intense business processes are foundations of value generation especially in knowledge-intense industries. How to align business and information technology (IT) executives to increase organizational output has been widely discussed in literature. This research focusses on how to create a positive IT climate in organizations where the need for deep IT and business knowledge is constantly increasing. We shed light on how organizational leaders, both from business and IT, implement a positive organizational IT climate by IT leadership in knowledge-intense industries and subsequently, how an organizational IT climate affects organizational outcome.