The An Binh Nguyen

15th of May 2017

Jours fixe takes place on the first monday of the month, starting at 4:00 p.m., in  TechQuartier's "Projektraum", 2nd Floor of the Pollux Building (Platz der Einheit 2, 60327 Frankfurt).

[The An Binh Nguyen, E-Finance Lab]

SaaS Cloud Services and their QoS Requirements – An Empirical Study in the Financial Services Industry

The use of cloud services in form of the Software as a Service model promises major cost savings for users due to less installation and maintenance effort. This applies in situations where resources are required at short notice and for limited time periods. Different classes of applications have different requirements regarding quality of service (QoS) and regulatory conditions. For example, transaction oriented applications have very high requirements regarding latency and availability whereas they are lower for the virtualization of office applications. In an empirical study, we have examined the QoS requirements and regulatory requirements for the provisioning of different software applications as cloud services in the financial industry. The study aims to get insights about the specific demands of the financial industry as well as their principal willingness to use cloud services.