Prof. Dr. Paul Müller

7th of May 2018

Jours fixes usually take place on the first monday of the month, starting at 5:00 p.m., in HoF E.01 / Deutsche Bank of the House of Finance (Campus Westend).

[Prof. Dr. Paul Müller, TU Kaiserslautern]

Blockchain Applications for Automated Supply Chains

The Bitcoin scripting language was designed to support only one application, money transfer, but it is also possible to extend it to applications dealing with proof of ownership. Still the Bitcoin stack-based scripting language is very restrictive; to support arbitrary business applications a more general language concept is needed. Such a concept was introduced by Ethereum extending this idea by the confluence of decentralized transactions with a Turing-complete contract system. This was realized with the introduction of the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) which can run almost all computations. In the first part of the talk we will recap some architectural design decisions of the Ethereum blockchain and its relevance to smart contracts. Moreover, we discuss the conceptual differences between the Bitcoin scripting language and Ethereums EVM. In the second part we focus on concrete smart contracts and relevant business opportunities.