Dr. Katharina Schott


  • E-Finance Lab
  • Chair of Business Administration, esp. Information Systems
  • Juniorprofessur für E-Finance & Services Science

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Beck, R.; Schott, K. (2012)

The Interplay of Project Control and Interorganizational Learning: Mitigating Effects on Cultural Differences in Global, Multisource ISD Outsourcing Projects

In: Business & Information Systems Engineering (4:4), pp. 183-192

Category: Publications in scientific journals

Reference No.: 2012-1919


Beck, R.; Schott, K.; Gregory, R. (2011)

Mindful Management Practices in Global Multi-Vendor ISD Outsourcing Projects

In: Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (SJIS) 23(2), pp. 29–52

Category: Publications in scientific journals

Reference No.: 2011-1888

Schott, K. (2011)

Vendor-vendor knowledge transfer in global ISD outsourcing projects: Insights from a German case study

In: Proceedings of the 15th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2011); Brisbane, Australia

Category: Proceedings

Reference No.: 2011-1869


Schott, K.; Beck, R.; Gregory, R. (2010)

Management of Globally Distributed Software Development Projects in Multiple-Vendor Constellations

In: Proceedings of the Fourth Global Sourcing Workshop; Zermatt, Switzerland

Category: Proceedings

Reference No.: 2010-1581

Schott, K.; Beck, R.; Gregory, R. (2010)

Conflict as Manifestation of Culture in Global IS Outsourcing Relationships

In: Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on Information System (ECIS 2010); Pretoria, South Africa

Category: Proceedings


Reference No.: 2010-11


Schott, K.; Gregory, R.; Beck, R. (2009)

Measuring Client-Vendor Distance in Global Outsourcing Relationships: A Conceptual Model

In: 9. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik; Wien, Österreich

Category: Proceedings [Password Protected Download] (Please contact the author)

Reference No.: 2009-1048


Schott, K.; Beck, R. (2008)

Understanding Sources of Conflict in Near- and Offshore IT Outsourcing Projects

In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Research Workshop on IT Project Management (IRWITPM 2008); Paris, France

Category: Proceedings


Reference No.: 2008-1187