E-Finance Lab Team

Björn Richerzhagen




Richerzhagen, N.; Richerzhagen, B.; Stingl, D.; Steinmetz, R. (2017)

The Human Factor: A Simulation Environment for Networked Mobile Social Applications

In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Networked Systems

Category: Proceedings

Reference No.: 2017-146


Hans, R.; Steffen, D.; Lampe , U.; Richerzhagen, B.; Steinmetz, R. (2016)

Short Run: Heuristic Approaches for Cloud Resource Selection

In: 9th International Conference on Cloud Computing; San Francisco, CA, United States

Category: Proceedings

Reference No.: 2016-62

Richerzhagen, B.; Richerzhagen, N.; Schönherr, S.; Hark, R.; Steinmetz, R. (2016)

Stateless Gateways - Reducing Cellular Traffic for Event Distribution in Mobile Social Applications

In: ICCCN 2016; Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA

Category: Proceedings

Reference No.: 2016-45