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Ackermann, R.; Martinovic, I.; Berbner, R.; Steinmetz, R. (2004)

Voice-over-IP - Next Generation Communication Infrastructure for Financial Institutions?

In: EFL Quarterly; Frankfurt am Main

Category: Miscellaneous

Reference No.: 2004-220

Martinovic, I.; Goertz, M.; Ackermann, R.; Mauthe, A.; Steinmetz, R. (2004)

Trust and Context: Complementary Concepts for Creating Spontaneous Networks and Intelligent Applications

In: Proceedings of SoftCOM’04, International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks; Croatia / Italy

Category: Publications in scientific journals

Reference No.: 2004-145

Hollick, M.; Martinovic, I.; Krop, T.; Rimac, I. (2004)

A Survey on Dependable Routing in Sensor Networks, Ad hoc Networks, and Cellular Networks

In: Proceedings of the 30th IEEE EUROMICRO Conference 2004; Rennes, France

Category: Publications in scientific journals

Reference No.: 2004-144

Steinmetz, R.; Berbner, R.; Martinovic, I. (2004)

Web Services zur Unterstützung flexibler Geschäftsprozesse in der Finanzwirtschaft

In: Z. Sokolovsky, S. Löschenkohl (Hrsg.): Industrialisierung der Finanzwirtschaft. Gabler Wiesbaden 2004.

Category: Chapter in book

Reference No.: 2004-140



05. July

Berbner, R.; Martinovic, I.

From Security to Trust: New Challenges for the E-Finance Industry

In: Joure Fixe, E-Finance Lab; Frankfurt am Main