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Escobar, M.; Mahlstedt, M.; Panz, S.; Zagst, R. (2017)

Vulnerable Exotic Derivatives

In: The Journal of Derivatives, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 84-102

Category: Publications in scientific journals [Find it]


Reference No.: 2017-103

Gomber, P.; Koch, J.; Siering, M. (2017)

Digital Finance and FinTech: Current Research and Future Research Directions

In: Journal of Business Economics (forthcoming)

Category: Publications in scientific journals [Find it]


Reference No.: 2017-102

Francioni, R.; Gomber, P. (2017)

High Frequency Trading: Market Structure Matters

In: Equity Markets in Transition, Eds.: R. Francioni and R. Schwartz; Springer International Publishing

Category: Chapter in book [Find it]


Reference No.: 2017-1

Glaser, F.; Panz, S. (2017)

Cyclicality of Collateral Haircuts and Systemic Illiquidity

In: EFL Quarterly, 1/2017; Frankfurt am Main

Category: Miscellaneous [Find it]

Reference No.: 2017-98

Siering, M.; Clapham, B.; Engel, O.; Gomber, P. (2017)

A Taxonomy of Financial Market Manipulations: Establishing Trust and Market Integrity in the Financialized Economy Through Automated Fraud Detection

In: Journal of Information Technology (forthcoming)

Category: Publications in scientific journals

Reference No.: 2017-96

Gomber, P.; Clapham, B.; Haferkorn, M.; Panz, S.; Jentsch, P. (2017)

Ensuring Market Integrity and Stability - Circuit Breakers on International Trading Venues

In: The Journal of Trading, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 42-54

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Reference No.: 2017-95

Glaser, F. (2017)

Pervasive Decentralisation of Digital Infrastructures: A Framework for Blockchain enabled System and Use Case Analysis

In: Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2017); Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, USA

Category: Proceedings [Find it]

Reference No.: 2017-1

Gomber, P.; Gvozdevskiy, I. (2017)

Dark Trading under MiFID II

In: Regulation of the EU Financial Markets; Oxford University Press

Category: Chapter in book [Find it]

Reference No.: 2017-72