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Krüger, M. (2000)

The Demand for Cash in Germany

In: Working Paper 2007, Dept. of Economics and Finance, University of Durham (2000)

Category: Miscellaneous

Reference No.: 2000-89

Krüger, M. (2000)

New Monetary Economics

In: Jürgen von Hagen and Johann Heinrich von Stein (Hrsg.), Obst/Hintner: Geld-, Bank- und Börsenlexikon, 40th edition, Stuttgart: Schäffer-Poeschel, (2000)

Category: Chapter in book

Reference No.: 2000-88

Krüger, M.; Böhle, K.; Carat, G.; Ioannis, M. (2000)

Electronic Payment Systems - Strategic and Technical Issues -

In: Background Paper No. 1, Electronic Payment Systems Observatory; Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Sevilla (2000)

Category: Miscellaneous

Reference No.: 2000-87

Krüger, M.; Carat, G. (2000)

M-Payments and the Role of Telcos

In: ePSO-Newsletter, No. 2, October (2000), 4-7

Category: Miscellaneous

Reference No.: 2000-86

Krüger, M.; Dluhosch, B. (2000)

The Marshall Plan as a Development Push: A Cautionary Tale From Germany

In: by Kurt R. Leube (Hrsg.): Vordenker einer neuen Wirtschaftspolitik: Wirtschaftsordnung, Marktwirtschaft und Ideengeschichte, Festschrift for Christian Watrin, (International Library of Austrian Economics Vol. 5), Frankfurt/Main: FAZ-Book (2000), 55-69

Category: Chapter in book

Reference No.: 2000-85

Kiseleva, E.; Stepanchuk, T. (2000)

The Algorithm of Global Optimization Based on Partitioning the Admissible Domain at the Local Minima Attraction Spheres

In: 17th International Symposium on Mathematical Programming; Atlanta, 132

Category: Proceedings

Reference No.: 2000-84