The Future of the European Post-Trading System

A Delphi Study on the Future of the European Post-Trading System in the Light of Globalization and the Financial Crisis

Year of publication:
2010, first edition
Publisher: Ibidem
Authors: Michael Chlistalla, Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber, Torsten Schaper
ISBN-13: 978-3-8382-0115-3

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Management Summary

The European post-trading system has changed significantly in the last years and is currently facing enormous challenges, e.g. due to the financial crisis, stricter regulation of financial markets, globalization, and the automation of securities processing. Until now, a systematic assessment of the European post-trading industry is missing in academic literature. Using the Delphi methodology, this study among 158 experts from different areas of the post-trading industry aims to develop a joint and coherent view of what the European post-trading system will look like in the future. It identifies measures for the improvement of the post-trading system and the most important issues concerning risk management and information technologies within this industry.

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