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Research topics and projects

Research is performed in layers. The "temple" shows how the layers of the E-Finance Lab interact.

Layer 1 “IT Infrastructure: Service Systems in E-Finance” (more information) elaborates on the question how to appropriately create, source, compose, secure and govern componentized services in a distributed environment of financial institutions. Thereby, the layer focuses on different services sourcing options, new paradigms for service provisioning and appropriate infrastructure solutions. Moreover, new methods, principles, and technologies are explored in order to improve the decision making within financial services institutions.

Layer 2 “E-Financial Markets & Market Infrastructures” (more information) analyzes the “Securities Trading Value Chain” and its dynamics. The layer has a specific focus on the impact of market regulation, the intermediation relationships between the industry players and recent technological innovations in this field. Innovative brokerage concepts addressing both institutional and retail customers are also investigated in this layer.

Layer 3 “Customers in E-Finance” (more information) proceeds from the basic premise that the online environment will further gain in importance for financial service providers and that customer management in such an online environment poses substantial challenges. The aim of our work is to analyze these technological trends carefully and to evaluate how technology and data intelligence can create value for financial service providers and their customers.    

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