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Risius, M.; Benthaus, J.; Akolk, F. (2016)

Increasing Sales Performance through Social Media Activities

In: EFL Quarterly 4/2016; Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Category: Miscellaneous [Find it]

Reference No.: 2016-87

Wunderlich, N.; Beck, R. (2016)

Time for Climate Change: Leadership, IT Climate, and their Impact on Organizational Performance

In: Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2017); Big Island, Hawaii, USA

Category: Proceedings [Find it]

Reference No.: 2016-83

Risius, M.; Benthaus, J.; Akolk, F. (2016)

Is it Worth it? Dismantling the Process of Social Media Related Sales Performance

In: Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2016); Istanbul, Turkey

Category: Proceedings [Find it]

Reference No.: 2016-70

Risius, M.; Akolk, F.; Beck, R. (2016)

Mit Social-Media-Stimmungen Börsenkursbewegungen vorhersagen

In: Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management, 3/2016

Category: Publications in journals

Reference No.: 2016-69

Hans, R.; Steffen, D.; Lampe , U.; Richerzhagen, B.; Steinmetz, R. (2016)

Short Run: Heuristic Approaches for Cloud Resource Selection

In: 9th International Conference on Cloud Computing; San Francisco, CA, United States

Category: Proceedings

Reference No.: 2016-62

Richerzhagen, B.; Richerzhagen, N.; Schönherr, S.; Hark, R.; Steinmetz, R. (2016)

Stateless Gateways - Reducing Cellular Traffic for Event Distribution in Mobile Social Applications

In: ICCCN 2016; Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA

Category: Proceedings

Reference No.: 2016-45

Benthaus, J.; Risius, M.; Beck, R. (2016)

Social Media Management Strategies for Organizational Impression Management and their Effect on Public Perception

In: The Journal of Strategic Information Systems (25, 2)

Category: Publications in scientific journals


Reference No.: 2016-5